Onitop – A great way to re-growth hair an beard too


Like hair beyond the expedient clipping need daily care. Naturally have different needs from the hair. During the day men frequently touch them and that breaks the hair, can become dirty from food and environmental factors. They become dry and harden. The skin under the beard present problems too, becomes dry, dehydrated and aging. At the same time may appear itching.

Beard wax provides deep care and hydration to the hair. Harnesses the hairs helping beard and mustache to keep their form. At the same moisturizes and softens the skin bellow.

There are several reasons why you should be interested in grooming your beard. First of all, they are hair and like hair on the head, they get dirty, greasy, and the skin underneath is flaky. At the same time they are not the same hair and therefore require slightly different cosmetics. Taking care of the beard also allows you to get rid of many people’s itchy, overgrown skin.


A Beard wax is also composed of a clever and subtle blend of different oils. But in addition to the beard oil, a balm contains wax.

A Beard powder Onitop will therefore have the same characteristics as oil, but will also provide a styling and fixing effect thanks to the wax. This is particularly effective for beards with stubborn hair that do not want to enter the rank.

However, the mustache must be kept clean. Often it is exposed to contact with food or drink. One option is to trim it to the top line of the lip, but it will not always look good. Therefore, laying the mustache sideways may be a great solution for many people. It turned out to be such for me.

The benefits of Beard wax are:

  • Feed the hair
  • Moisturize the skin beneath the hair
  • Delicately scent

The effects are immediate from the first use. The beard looks healthier, shiny and robust. At the level of the skin, finished the little tugging due to the drought. The beard is then healthy, and will grow healthy and robust.

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